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    KENZZ, the hobbies of. and who is



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    KENZZ, the hobbies of. and who is

    Post  KENZZ on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:13 pm


    PC, WME, MUSIC [dont bother asking its too much for you], GUINEA PIG CARING, VIOLINIST, GUITARIST, PIANIST, STUDENT, ARCADE and video GAMING ENTHUSIAST, ARTIST[all types], Digital Music Composer/Designer/. Novelist, story writer, family caretaker of younger cousins.

    Has 4 years at home experience using FL STUDIO series.
    Has over 10 years experience video games before NES. until now.
    Has built 2-3 pcs.
    Owns a HDTV 32", 5.1 surround system,

    7.1 audio channel motherboard with 1gb inbuilt graphics
    1024mb Graphics Card
    Total: 2024 but inside it counts as 3000mbs for some reason. dunno why.
    Using Old Pentium Dual Core 2.7ghz socket 775.
    Using standard stock Mice and Keyboard.
    Exercises daily, has some small muscles and getting rid of fat.
    Used to be 5"5, now even taller, i was 16 when i was 5"5, now im 20 or 21, and taller, and more tank build.
    Still has a high pitched/cartoony voice as a natural voice box.
    A Hardcore Racer of MT, owner of the KPGc10 and Z34. Sydney Australia area. Within sydney.

    League of Legends player.
    Book reader.

    Owns 2 guitars, one electric and accoustic, a violin.

    Owns 3 mobile phones, but now users one, i hate touch phones.

    Socially-inadequate. But getting there.

    Known to be retarded online forums, because its my style baby!

    Studies at College, not listing what i go to. Has my year 10s, doing year 12s equavilant later.

    Has graduated from PC and IT Tools and Media.

    Final fantasy enthusiast.

    Local Internet Cafe Member.
    Does not own a permanant internet connection.
    Or a permanant visa card.

    Weights at 97-95kgs.

    Walks 2 km to stations, and takes the train 40minutes to 1.2hours to the city almost every weekend or once eveyr weekday per year.
    Buses home straight to my house.

    Everyday, Every Year for the past 3 years.

    And i'm still fat. according to myself.

    I now play tekken.


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